On 21 July 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. I was instantly fascinated. All I wanted anymore were books about astronomy and space travel. I read everything about the subject I could lay my hands on – papers, periodicals, and books, you name it. But I was not satisfied: I began to write about these issues myself, and had the idea to start editing a “galactic newspaper” devoted exclusively to outer space, and so the GALAKTISCHE ZEITUNG was born. I was eleven when the first issue was published. For my birthday, I had asked for a small printer that I used to run copies. I did everything by myself: wrote the articles, printed them, and sold the finished paper. The pictures were the only thing I asked a friend to do, a member of the “Astronauts’ Club” I had founded. But how did I finance the whole thing? Well, the same way any paper finances itself – by selling ads and selling copies. To fellow students, I sold the paper for 10 pennies, and for one deutschmark to teachers. The print run was admittedly to just 40 copies. But I was actually able to sell some ads, for instance to a book store that advertised its stock of “space books.” Just twelve years old, I went from one store to the next and inquired: “Could I interest you in advertising in a student mag?”

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